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Aeronautical Information Publication Vanuatu

The Aeronautical Information Publication Vanuatu (AIPV) is published by the authority of the Civil Aviation Authority Vanuatu (CAAV).

Airports Vanuatu is a corporation set up by the Government, contracted by CAAV to be the aeronautical services provider to meet the requirements of Civil Aviation Rule part 175.

The CAAV has delegated responsibility for the information published in Vanuatu to Airports Vanuatu relevant to operations within the Port Vila sector of the Nadi FIR.

The AIPV has been prepared in accordance with the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS) of ICAO annex 15 and the guidance material in the ICAO aeronautical services manual (Doc. 8126 -AN/872/3).

The latest issue of the AIPV is dated 07 July 2021, amendments are published as and when required. The AIPV is published by GroupEAD and is available in either hard copy or electronic version from Airports Vanuatu or from GroupEAD. Rates are available upon request.

Airports Vanuatu

Airways Publishing

Flight Approvals

The pilot of an aircraft on an unscheduled flight who intends to overfly Vanuatu, or to use a Vanuatu airport for landing including the nomination of a Vanuatu airport as an alternate shall request permission from Air Traffic Services (ATS) prior to departing and include the information listed on this document down the page.

For more details regarding the flight approval process, scroll down to the Non-Scheduled International Flights section.

NOTAMS and Air Traffic Services

Pilots departing Vanuatu can obtain up-to-date NOTAM information for airports in the region from ATS.

Airports Vanuatu

Flight Plans

Flight plans are required for all flights in, out and within Vanuatu airspace and may be sent to ATS.

Airports Vanuatu

Non-Scheduled International Flights

Step 1 ▪ Request for landing approval

Request for landing approval to the Flight Approval Office via email to:

Step 2 ▪ Choose a ground handling agent

Choose a ground handling agent that will assist you in going through the required steps: aircraft approval, aircraft arrival and departure time, the apron marshalling, parking, customs, immigration, biosecurity and fee payments:

Step 3 ▪ Provide your flight information

Flight Approval Office will require you provide the following information:

  • Aircraft type and registration;

  • Aircraft call sign if any or use registration;

  • Aircraft operator details;

  • Arrival and departure aerodromes;

  • Estimated arrival time and date;

  • Estimated departure time and date; and

  • Purpose of flight.

Step 4 ▪ Calculate your charges

Please note that there are airport charges that apply:

  • Aerodrome charges:

Aircraft Category Weight Rate per 1,000 kg (or part thereof)
1 Below 20,000 kg VT 385
2 20,001 kg to 60,000 kg VT 533.50
3 Over 60,001 kg VT 803
  • Flight approval: VT 5,000;
  • Landing charges outside daylight hours: VT 16,500;
  • Air navigation service charge: VT 50 per 1,000 kg or part thereof;
  • ATS service outside operating hours of watch: VT 20,000;
  • Aircraft parking:
Parking Time Rate
First 12 hours Free
12 to 48 hours 14% of Standard landing fee per hour
More than 48 hours VT 2,000 per day
  • Departing passengers: VT 3,400 per person;
  • The ground handler control and boarder control services have their own fee schedule, for more details please contact them directly.

Step 5 ▪ Make your payment

All charges are payable on arrival prior to departure and must be paid by the pilot in command of the aircraft to the ground handler or authorised Airports Vanuatu officer at the airport or by prior arrangement.

Operators • Port Vila Airport
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